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Times Colonist named for prestigious national award for CLBC Reporting

The Victoria Times Colonist is one of six national finalists for this year’s prestigious Governor General’s Michener Award for Community Service Journalism.  The nomination, announced today, was for the newspaper’s coverage of the crisis in BC’s community living sector, which was first exposed by Times Colonist reporter Lindsay Kines almost two years ago.

Here’s how the Michener Awards Foundation described the Times Colonist’s entry:

“The Times Colonist in Victoria used its resources and expertise to expose a stealth policy by the B.C. government that forced people with developmental disabilities to move from group homes to cheaper accommodation.  The newspaper’s sustained campaign – featuring many personal stories of developmentally disabled individuals and their families struggling with government cutbacks – spoke for the powerless and the voiceless. The coverage forced the province to change course and commit $40 million to improve services, demote the minister of social development and announce policy changes. As well, the CEO of Community Living BC resigned and an internal audit of its operations were ordered.” (Read more)

MOMS was one of many family groups and individuals who worked with Mr. Kines and other reporters to help expose CLBC’s “stealth policy,” which involved forcibly moving people with developmental disabilities from their homes, forced contract/support reductions and other harsh measures ordered by the BC government to cut community living costs.

Read MOMS’ letter in support of the Times Colonist entry, commending the critically important role played by Mr Kines and his colleagues at the Victoria newspaper in holding the BC government accountable for the crisis created by these “stealth policies.”

The winner of the 2012 Michener Awards will be announced in Ottawa on June 12.

MOMS congratulates the Victoria Times Colonist on the prestigious nomination and for its demonstrated commitment to excellence in journalism.

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