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One Mom’s Letter to the Minister

We continue to receive the most amazing, heartbreaking and disturbing letters from families, caregivers and concerned citizens around the province sharing their experiences about BC’s community living crisis. I wish we could share them all, but most people are simply too afraid of retaliation if they speak out, or are quite understandably reluctant to sacrifice their family’s privacy.

We thank all of you who have entrusted us with your stories, your hopes, your frustration and your fears. We are doing our best to bring these issues to public attention, with the help of our BC Community Living Action Group partners and with strong interest and support from the provincial media, in the hope of finally pressuring government to take real action.

Below, with permission, is an example of one of the dozens of letters in our inbox yesterday.

—– Original Message —–


Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 1:57 PM

Subject: CLBC

Honorable Stephanie Cadieux:

This morning I had the opportunity to listen to you regarding CLBC on CKNW. It seems that despite the huge crisis in CLBC you still strongly believe (or keep telling yourself and want others to believe) that CLBC is meeting the needs of most families. That the huge media blitz is overrated and that there are just a few families being affected and are in actual crisis.

I can tell you that you are very wrong. There are countless families who are needlessly suffering emotional and financial stress due to CLBC’s lack of concern, acknowledgement of problems and lack of financial support. Have you had a good chat with any of your front line facilatators or social workers lately? How’s the morale?

To pay the CEO bonuses for not adequately supporting families in crisis is morally wrong and unethical. For you and the government to continually support a board that refuses to assist families in crisis is sickening.

Why do I feel this way? Because we are one of those families, we are just one of many. Thank God we have finally received some home share funding for our son but only after a significant long term crisis!

We begged for help. Care Plan after Care Plan was submitted and revised by me as I sought help and made revisions just so our family could survive. Finally we were forced to have our son removed from our home. Still CLBC refused funding, instead they preferred to use up significant police, ambulance and local hospital resources and expected the hospital to provide his housing. Then CLBC staff suggested and threatened that he be moved to the local homeless shelter. I won’t go into the details as I have already done that in numerous emails to Premier Christy Clark and the former Minister for CLBC in May 2011.

Already I suspect the funding for our homeshare is not enough; as I am already getting hints from him (only four short months into the contract) that he feels he is not getting enough and was “railroaded” in the contract.

I have friends who are aging, unwell and tired, yet their facilitator told them they will likely not get funding for their son till they die. That’s encouraging!

Apparently the funding contract for our son’s home share provider is top secret. CLBC and contract provider can’t tell; won’t tell; confidential. Yet some staff at CLBC are getting multiple funding contracts for multiple homeshare clients. They know funding contracts and are negotiating their own contracts while working full time for CLBC! Interesting. How can this be? Don’t home share clients require significant care? How are providers able to work full time or even part time if they are home share providers for needy clients? How do CLBC staff negotiate their own contracts if $ amounts are top secret? Who takes responsibility if our current home share provider feels his funding contract is too low? He’s getting wind that others are paid more. What is the funding formula and why is it not consistent? Who negotitiates and advocates on behalf of a potential home share provider who is not familiar with a system full of conflicts of interest? Where’s the accountability of home share providers? What safeguards, controls and oversight is there to these home shares? Who’s watching that homeshare providers are actually doing what they are supposed to be doing, such as life skills training?

For 18 years I’ve been a stay at home parent due to my son’s significant needs. How does one get one or multiple homeshare clients and still manage to hold down a full time job?

Lots of questions, lots of irregularities, lots of mismanagement and I suspect some are getting rich on the backs of needy, vulnerable individuals and families who are suffering needlessly.

Economy wise; families in crisis don’t help the economy much either as it causes unnecessary mental health issues to ALL family members. Hard for a husband to work when his family life is in crisis. Might explain why divorce rates among families with special needs kids is so high. Has the Finance Minister ever considered that? Would Premier Christy Clark be Premier if her son was Autistic, Deaf and had Cerebral Palsy?

My whole family has paid a price!

Also, one more key question…… Can you tell me why there is an endless pot of money in the medical/hospital setting (ex.Children’s hospital) where babies of all gestational ages and ailments are saved yet the pot dries out once these vulnerable, needy, disabled children are lovingly placed into the arms of their parents and sent home? Why is it that at that point almost all parents left out in the cold? The “AT Home Program” is not adequately funded, parents receive little supports or respite, if any, and then after 19 long years there is again no funding at the CLBC end. Any answers to that question?


(Name withheld to protect family confidentiality)

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