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MOMS want your feedback: Is the CLBC action plan working for you?

It’s been 6 months since the Minister launched a series of internal reviews of CLBC and more than 3 months since the Premier announced $40 million in new funding and an action plan to resolve the crisis in community living. The announcement followed a 2-year campaign by MOMS and other community partners to draw attention to the crisis facing many families, caregivers and adults, in the face of government denials that the growing crisis was the result of a stealth policy to cut costs in community living.

MOMS wants your feedback on whether the BC government’s action plan and new funding are achieving the intended results.

Please limit initial responses to 2-3 sentences per question, as we can’t analyze lengthy case histories to identify key challenges (e.g. denial or reduction of supports, denial of appropriate choices in living supports, waitlists, ineffective complaint resolution mechanisms, service quality concerns, lack of coordination between CLBC and other servicces, youth transition problems or failure to respond to a service request)

Please email your answers to Your feedback will guide our advocacy efforts and those of partner groups such as the BC Community Living Action Group, which has played a key role in raising awareness of challenges in community living.

Community Living Survey:

  1. Has the BC government’s response alleviated your concerns? (Yes, No, Somewhat, Minimally, Mostly, or No – Situation Has Worsened)
  2. State briefly what were the concerns re your personal situation and what has/has not improved:
  3. If you sought help from the Client Support Team or the Advocate for Service Quality, were they able to resolve the concerns to your satisfaction? (Yes, No, Somewhat, Minimally, Mostly, or No – Situation Has Worsened)
  4. Have you experienced any improvement in coordination of services between CLBC and other agencies/programs?
  5. Have you experienced any improvement in challenges linked to age 19 transitions?
  6. If you have unresolved problems in accessing the supports and services you need, briefly state what those relate to. (e.g. denial or reduction of supports/contracts, service quality, waitlists, lack of coordination between agencies, transition challenges, failure of complaint resolution mechanisms, denial of choice in living supports, unresponsive bureaucracy, etc)
  7. To which specific program(s) do your concerns relate (e.g. residential, respite, day program, employment supports, CSIL, individualized funding, individual planning, transition supports, mental health/ dual diagnosis or Personalized Supports Initiative for adults with IQ over 70)
  8. From what you have seen so far, does government’s action plan give you more confidence in the ability of the following to meet your community living support needs, now or in the future:
    • CLBC
    • Client Support Team
    • Advocate for Service Quality
    • The Premier’s Action Plan
  9. Are you willing to share your experiences with the media and/or Minister Stephanie Cadieux and/or Opposition Critic for CLBC Nicholas Simons? If so, please provide your email and/or telephone number below, as well as the name of your community (e.g. Vancouver, Cranbrook, etc)

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey – please invite others who may have experienced past challenges to do the same.  We will report a summary of the feedback but your individual comments will not be shared with anyone but MOMS coordinators Dawn Steele and/or Cyndi Gerlach without your express permission.

Have a great day!

Dawn & Cyndi, MOMS

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