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MOMS to BC budget Committee: ‘Families First’ means reversing a decade of cuts

MOMS is presenting a brief to the province’s bipartisan budget committee today, offering advice on fiscal priorities for the 2012 provincial budget. Here is an extract:

Government claims unprecedented spending to support children & youth with special needs, adults with developmental disabilities and families.

Yet since we started MOMS a decade ago, families around BC have reported an erosion of supports, growing waitlists, reduced standards and no accountability.

This places a crushing burden on families, and is taking a significant human and economic toll:

  • Parents, usually mothers, forced to abandon careers or fulltime work.
  • Young families with crushing debt, single parents forced into poverty, aging parents in crisis.
  • Reduced economic contribution from parents and young adults failed by the school system.
  • More families, children and adults in crisis & relying on costly emergency services.
  • Fighting for services and administering funding is a major stress for already-stressed families

These problems can be resolved, if the political will exists to address: 1) Funding and 2) Accountability.

Read the rest of the MOMS brief to the Standing Committee on Finance & Government Services.

Find out how you can have your say on BC’s 2012 budget priorities

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